This Gr8Life Taiwan Package F contains bottles of 8Enhances Gluta Power Boost made to keep you healthy and beautiful inside and out! It includes 8Enhances Gluta Power Boost, which is specifically formulated with Asthaxantin, a first in the glutathione market. This summer package also contains our staple beauty cosmetics which includes of 8Radiates Kojic Light Soap, 8Revives Collagen Soap, and 8Brightens Lightening Lotion.

8Radiates has eight (8) times more lightening power than most lightening soaps but with two (2) times the moisturizing effect while 8Revives helps in the revitalization of the skin. Our 8Brightens Lightening Lotion is infused with SPF30 and active lightening and moisturizing agents, each application is sure to bring out a healthy and natural looking glow while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun!

This also includes our newly added Gr8Life well-being products such as our 8Cares Sanitary Napkin. Our 8Cares Sanitary Napkins come in Day, Night and Pantyliners for this package. Each pad is made with Anions, Graphene, Far Infrared, Magnetism and Nano Silver which altogether help alleviate menstrual pains like dysmenorrhea, cramps and also help in promoting good vaginal health